Podcast on how to deal with dance mom drama

How to Deal With Dance Mom Drama Effectively

Hi everyone and thank you SO MUCH for checking out the second episode of the Dance Studio Excellence Podcast!

This podcast (I hope!) will provide dance studio owners worldwide value and insights into how to create, grow and run a successful dance or performance studio.

Now that I’ve launched episode one and survived to talk about it, I’m here to bring you an episode that highlights one of the more – shall we say “unpleasant” aspects of running a dance studio.

No it’s not class plans.
No it’s not teacher absenteeism (although that IS annoying!)

I am of course talking about Dance Mom drama!

Sadly, there isn’t a handbook for how to deal with out of control Dance Moms. So instead, I’ll share with you some of the strategies I use to rein in those rambunctious parents!

I know many of you listening hold some pretty strong opinions about dance mom drama – and I totally understand how you feel.

But, just for now, all I ask is that you fix a nice warm beverage, settle down in your favorite chair and listen closely to my strategies so you’ll never have to feel THAT worked up again!

There will be links to the resources or people mentioned in the show notes below. If you’re keen to check us out on social media or join our Facebook Group, the links will be down there too.

Thank you SO much once again for joining me on this journey! I have a feeling we’re going to have a lot of good times ahead!


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Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction
01:30 – Prevention is Key
02:30 – What to do when drama does arise
04:15 – Looking at the issue from the parent’s perspective
05:45 – Ensure you have solid conflict resolution protocols
06:50 – Remember, don’t take it personally
08:45 – You can’t please everyone – and that’s okay!
11:15 – How the rules change for disrespectful parents

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