SWITCH OFF! The Importance of Unwinding, Relaxing and Finding Time for YOU

I’ve always been a workaholic. Since starting my first business at 15-16yrs of age, I’ve always juggled multiple commitments along with some sort of a business venture. I used to think that I wasn’t capable of relaxing. Even now, if I get a day off, I’m already antsy two hours in because I’m desperate to […]

6 Things to Look For When Selecting the Location of Your Dance Studio

If you’ve ever been”studio-shopping” then you’d understand the excitement and the frustration. Selecting the location of your dance studio can be an emotional process! The butterflies in your stomach every time you step into a potential premise; the ideas that immediately flow through your mind as you’re mentally-measuring floorspace and visualizing reception areas; that sinking feeling […]

Get Rid of the Drama! – How to Deal With Problem Staff

Nearly every dance studio manager I’ve consulted or talked to has mentioned having at least one problem employee. The one that calls in sick regularly, makes up excuses for endless mistakes, causes drama and headache within your studio. The most unfortunate thing is that most managers get held hostage to these individuals; spending disproportionate time, energy […]

Things to Consider Before You Start Your First Dance Studio

If you’ve grown up dancing, it’s natural to want to share that passion with the rest of the world. Many dancers dream of starting their own studio, to teach the next generation of young performers and to not have to work a “day job” they hate. However, setting up a dance studio is tough work! […]

Skyrocket Your Studio Retention Rate! Get Your Students Coming Back For More!

Most dance studio owners will tell you their main goal is to get more new students. Of course, the more students they have the more profit they’d stand to make. It makes sense. However, I personally believe that the main goal of any studio should be to retain the students they currently have first. You’ve […]