Grow Your Studio by Downsizing – Coffee Break Interview with Rhonda Foote

Grow Your Studio by Downsizing – Interview with Rhonda Foote Welcome to our COFFEE BREAK series, where we interview DSOs from around the globe to share with us their experience, insights and lessons learnt during their time as a dance studio owner. This week we’re chatting with Rhonda Foote from Rhonda’s FooteWorks located in Watertown, […]

How to Hire Staff When You Can’t Afford It

  How to Hire Staff When You Can’t Afford It for Your Studio Are you a studio owner who’s trying to do everything yourself? Chances are your studio has gained good momentum, you’re getting more students and opening more classes. On the surface it seems business is really booming! But you find that you’re always […]

How to Deal With Negative Feedback from a Student or Parent

How to Deal With Negative Feedback from a Student or Parent Dealing with negative feedback is probably one of the hardest parts of running a business. You work your patootie off trying to make everything perfect, staying up late most nights to work on class plans, teachers’ training, parent communications, fun exercises, high energy playlists, […]

SWITCH OFF! The Importance of Unwinding, Relaxing and Finding Time for YOU

I’ve always been a workaholic. Since starting my first business at 15-16yrs of age, I’ve always juggled multiple commitments along with some sort of a business venture. I used to think that I wasn’t capable of relaxing. Even now, if I get a day off, I’m already antsy two hours in because I’m desperate to […]

6 Things to Look For When Selecting the Location of Your Dance Studio

If you’ve ever been”studio-shopping” then you’d understand the excitement and the frustration. Selecting the location of your dance studio can be an emotional process! The butterflies in your stomach every time you step into a potential premise; the ideas that immediately flow through your mind as you’re mentally-measuring floorspace and visualizing reception areas; that sinking feeling […]

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