Dance Studio Excellence Podcast - Top 7 Website Homepage Hacks You MUST DO to Increase Student Enrollments!

7 Website Homepage Hacks You MUST DO TODAY to Increase Student Enrollments – DSEP16

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Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Dance Studio Excellence podcast, where we provide valuable insight for dance studio owners worldwide so they can build a profitable and stress-free performing arts business they can truly be passionate about!

On this episode, we’re all about your website’s homepage. While there are many things you can do to improve SEO, loading speeds and other web based metrics, today we’re sharing with you homepage hacks specifically designed to increase student enrollments.


🌟 The areas we will be covering today are:

– Getting familiar with CTAs or “Call To Action” features
– Letting your studios biggest fans and achievements help increase enrollments for you.
– Creating a “frictionless experience” for all who visit your site
– Getting friendly with the mobile web experience for those who visit your site on a smartphone or tablet
– Other “under the radar” homepage hacks that you may not have considered, even if you’re familiar with web design and SEO


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