5 Quick and Easy Tips To Revitalize Your Studio Space On A Budget

5 Quick and Easy Tips To Revitalize Your Studio Space On A Budget

Well it’s that time of year again.

Just as soon as the last dance season has wrapped up, it seems like the next one is already on our doorstep.

But the reality is, we have a good few weeks where there is no-one in our studio except for us. It’s the perfect time to surprise returning students and impress new ones with a mini-makeover for your studio!

Now, before you start counting your pennies and sweating about your budget, a makeover doesn’t have to be expensive.

Our next 5 tips can breathe new life into your studio space, without breaking the bank.


1. Make Waiting Rooms Great Again!

5 ways to refresh your dance studio decor

What would your dream waiting area look like?

If your studio has a waiting/viewing area for parents and family, this is a space you should try to keep looking fresh as much as possible.

Think about it – as your classes are happening, some parents can wait quite a long time in these areas.
If the space is tired, dirty and uninviting, it’s going to put a bit of a strain on the parent/studio relationship – no matter how much their kids love coming to your studio!

Light Box to Help Advertise and Bring new life to studioThrow in some new cushions, update your reading materials, add some cheap funky ornaments and put up new pictures on your walls.

Invest in a light box – the kind where you can rearrange the letters to spell out a message. They are very cheap nowadays and you can change your message as often as you like!

Not only will this give your clients the change they are craving, but also allows you to communicate your important studio messages in a fun way!

Just a few small changes can really spruce up the area and give it a more fresh and colorful vibe.


2. Meet Your New BFF – Paint!

If your landlord is cool with it, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to any space. But if you can’t afford to or don’t have the time to paint the whole studio, then consider painting an accent (feature) wall instead.

An accent wall is an easy and cheap way to add dimension and a burst of color to your studio. Something bright and bold will create a focal point for the room with very little effort.

If you do have the time and the permission to go all out, then even consider painting a mural or some sort of artwork on the wall. It’ll become a talking point for your clients and create a dynamic and exciting backdrop for your space.

3. Paint a no-go? Try anything removable!

Dance studio decor and renovations

If your landlord isn’t down with you getting your paint on, there are loads of alternatives to breathe new life back into your studio!

  • Have a chalkboard or a whiteboard, where you can write interesting or inspiring messages that you can change regularly;
  • Hang up pictures or canvases of the most dynamic pictures from your last concert or recital;
  • Use removable decals to create bold and striking dance artwork to add a new dimension to your space;
  • Have a few fake plants in rotation that you change up regularly. Fake plants are great to add a sense of nature and freshness to your space, without the maintenance; or
  • Add portable shelving where you can display trophies, ornaments and pictures that you can remove and change easily.


4. Let there be (different) light!

5 tips to revitalise and redecorate dance studio

Did you know with new power saving bulbs, there are now different hues of color in LED and energy saving bulbs? There are three common colors: warm white, neutral white and cool white.

Choosing the right lighting an make a huge impact to the tone of your dance studio!

Warm white has more of a yellow hue while cool white is more of a blueish hue. Paired with the color of your floors and walls, different colored bulbs can create an interesting effect while also cutting down your utility bills!

For special occasions or events, you can even put some colored cellophane over your light fixtures to add different colors and effects to your studio!

5. Kick Your Clutter To The Curb!

Anyone who’s worked in or around a dance studio for longer than say, 6 months, KNOWS they can accumulate some serious clutter!
From a bag of spare costume accessories to dance props that “we might be able to use in another routine someday!”, your space can go from “dance floor” to “thrift store” in the blink of an eye!

In reality, you should have all of your clutter away from the view of your parents and students anyway. But if you have items that you just can’t keep out of sight, then you have to do something about it to at least look more organized and presentable.


5 Ways to revitalise dance studio on a budget

We like to use the Sort, Store, Trash method:

        • SORT the things you know you will definitely use (not “might” use) in the next semester.
          These are items that you use regularly such as props for classes, yoga mats, dance shoes and so on. Find them an easily-accessible home within your studio that they will stay permanently. Make sure all of your staff know to put these items back to their homes after use each time.


        • STORE the items that are either high value or that you will definitely use in future (but not necessarily in the next semester). For example, costumes, excess dance-wear stock or uniforms, props from past recitals that you may use again. This also includes any paperwork and documents that are not needed for day-to-day operations. If you are simply holding onto that paperwork for record-keeping, you should not be able to see them regularly. If you find it’s always popping up and cluttering your space, then it’s time to store them away.
          Find a space for these items, either at your studio in an area that is harder to access or, if you have limited studio space, then consider investing in a small storage shed or even create a specific space in your home for these items. Be careful if you are using your own home space for storage though – it’s important to keep a work/life balance, so you don’t want your work clutter to end up being your home clutter!


        • TRASH anything and everything that you will never use again.
          We’re talking old and broken dance props, things that need fixing but you “just need to find the time to get around to it!”, costumes you’ve “been meaning to reuse” for years, and boxes of items you haven’t touched. Generally, if you come across it and “forgot you even had this!” then it’s TRASH TIME!By trash, we mean:

          • Throw away anything that is junk and worthless;
          • Donate anything that is semi-salvageable that would be useful to others;
          • Sell everything that is brand new (or of good condition) that is of high value.



    Breathing new life into your dance and work spaces doesn’t have to be a grand production. Nor should it cost the Earth.
    With just a bit of time, care and imagination, you can completely transform your studio to the delight of your parents and students alike.

    While sprucing up your spaces is best done before the start of a new dance season, it can honestly be done as many times as you are willing and all year around.

    So don’t wait! If your studio is in dire need of some DIY TLC, then grab a friend or a couple of willing staff members and get cracking!

    Do YOU have some great budget friendly tips to revitalize your studio?

    How about some before and after pics that you’d like to show off?

    Share them in the comments below or put your pics on display in our LEDSO group. We would love to see them!